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For many rowing with the club for the first time, the sport of gig rowing is completely new to them, which can be a little unnerving the first time you go out. Don’t worry. For most of our members the first time they rowed any kind of boat at all was when they joined the club, and now they’re competing in the World Championships!

If you think you’d like to get involved in the club the the first step is to email the New Member Coordinator. It’s their job to guide you through your first steps with the club, initially by organising your 3 Free Rows. During these sessions you’ll be introduced to the sport and your cox will gently ease you into the rowing stroke. At this point you wont be going hell for leather, the whole point being to set you off at a pace you feel comfortable with.

After the 3 Free Sessions you’ll then need to decide if gig rowing is for you. To continue you’ll need to become a full member of the club and then decide how you’d like to row.

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Social Rowing

As the name suggests, this is for those who may not want to commit to a full training schedule. Instead you’ll be able to sign up to rowing sessions as and when you like. Social rows are more relaxed, however there is always encouragement to and guidance from your cox to help you improve your stroke.

Crew Rowing

If you want to compete at regattas or even the World Championships, then you’ll need to join a training crew. These crews commit to training together throughout the year, usually three times a week. As such you need to decide whether you have the time and attitude to get out on the water come rain or shine. Once placed in a crew you’ll train together in order to achieve a competitive stroke, meaning your cox will push your technique and strength during each session.

Harbourside Challenge

Bristol Gig Club Would like to invite you to join us for half a day of new experiances and copetative fun in Bristol’s historic floating harbour. You and your crew will spend time learning how to row a beutiful wooden pilot gig, steeped in history and tradition. After the training you’ll be given the opportunity to compete in a race. Will your time be good enough to top our leader board?

For full information please visit the Harbourside Challenge page


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