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Experienced Gig rower and you’re looking to join Bristol?

If so please contact our new rowers coordinator, Glenn, who will assist you joining up. As an experienced rower you will need to take part in 1 assessment and information row, before joining up. This is generally done with an experienced crew and cox. We do this to give so you can learn where we meet and launch as well as giving you the chance to meet club members straight away. It also allows us to roughly ascertain your rowing ability so we can direct you towards the training slots that are right for you.
On joining up all new club members will be given a BGC Rowers Handbook which contains information on our boats, rowing terminology, club committee members and their roles and a guide to signing up to rowing sessions.

New Rowers Coordinator –


New to rowing but would like to give it a go?

Most people who join the club are completely new to rowing. As such we give everyone who’s interested the opportunity to have a few free sessions on the water to see if they’d like to take up the sport. During this time you’ll be introduced to the boats and the rowing style in order to give you the chance to see if it’s for you.
These sessions will focus mainly on technique and explain the skills required to become a competent rower as well as the parts or the boat rowing calls your cox will be using.

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Are you under 16 and would like to try rowing?

Bristol Gig club has a vibrant and competitive youth section for rowers under 16. Most youth sessions take place on Saturday mornings. If you are interested on getting involved please check out the Youth Rowing section. To arrange your rowing sessions you can use the same contact details at the bottom of this page.

Youth Coordinator –


When do we take on new rowers?

Generally we aim to take on new rowers every 4 months starting in January. This involves having 3 or 4 weekend mornings or afternoons open for have a go sessions. You can take part in 1, 2 or all of these sessions at no cost. On completion of these sessions you are given the opportunity to join up and become a member. When this happens you will be put into training squads for the first 3 months of your rowing careers. These squads will contain matched ability or expectation members and managed by a coordinator who will be your point of contact during this time. Once your 3 months is up you can row in open sessions, go up for selections for competitive racing and row with whatever sessions you like.
On joining up all new club members will be given a BGC Rowers Handbook which contains information on our boats, rowing terminology, club committee members and their roles and a guide to signing up to rowing sessions.

How do I apply to join?

You can apply to join the club or put your name forward for the have-a-go sessions whenever you like. As a brand new rower your name will be added to a list and you will be contacted when the next rowing intake is planned. If you have any further questions or would like to get involved please contact:

New Rowers Coordinator –

What do you need to bring?

The goal of these sessions is to get you used to rowing in a boat. While you won’t be pulling especially hard at this point you should still wear clothes that you are comfortable doing exercise in. It’s much better to wear a few thin layers rather than one thick one as this way you can add/remove layers to keep you at the right temperature throughout the session. If there’s any chance of rain then bring a water proof. As for footwear you need something which can be done up tight enough to provide support. When rowing a lot of power actually comes from your legs, so it’s important they have a firm platform to push on. Trainers or walking boots are ideal. Finally, don’t forget to bring something to drink!

How much does it cost to join BGC?

When you very first join Bristol Gig club you will need to pay a £25 admin fee. This is a one of payment. The current membership fee is £120 per annum and collected in April each year. Rowing generally takes place 6 days/nights a week throughout the year and you can row as much as you like but most rowers choose up to 3 times a week.  The membership fee is paid pro rata and will need to be paid after your have-a-go sessions before your club rowing starts. Information on paying this will be passed to you when required.

See you on the water!

Bristol Gig Club.

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