Crew Selection 2017

The objective of the selection process is to ensure that the best crews are chosen throughout the year, taking into account ability and availability. Selection is by a panel formed of 6 experienced coxes, chaired by the Lead selector.
This year, the selectors are:
Sara Bird
Tig Marshall
Sue Powell (Lead)
Sarah Murray
Nic Murdoch
Duncan Murdoch

There are three main selections in 2017
1. Selection for Scillies World Championships and the first regatta post-Scillies [Championships take place in May 2017] 2. Caradon Mixed and Vets and Super Vets Championships [Caradon takes place June 2017] 3. Newquay Championships [takes place September 2017]

All adult rowers regardless of age are able to try out for the “senior” crews, meaning A, B or C crews. Rowers younger than 40 cannot row for the Vets and rowers younger than 50 cannot row for the Supervets. Juniors need to be 16 and over to row in Scilly.

If you can’t/don’t go up for selection now, it doesn’t mean you won’t be selected for the rest of the season.

COMMITMENT – only put your name forward if you can commit to three training sessions a week for the 3+ months leading up to the Scillies championships. You might prefer to train for a more fluid selection for the mid-season races, if you cannot commit during December to May 2017. As part of your commitment to training, the selection panel will take into account your availability for training in the run up to the event. We ask that everyone emails if you are going to be away for more than 4 consecutive training days before a Tribute/Race or the world champs.


This process includes discussions with coxes, co-ordinators, and importantly, feeding in your comments and ambitions. Selection is based on a combination of:

1. The selectors noting performance in the weeks leading up to the boat-based selections.
2. Your erg time calibrated with your weight
3. Two weekend boat-based sessions:
4. Rowers nominate anonymously who they think should be in which crews
5. The Rowing Captain oversees decision making but doesn’t select, for transparency’s sake

The Rowing Captain publishes results of selection as soon as practical after the selection days.
The selectors will be viewing rowers during the normal training sessions from now on. There aren’t special pre-selection rows, so just get yourself into a boat as you would normally.


Fitness in and out of the boat
(stamina, level of grunt) grit/determination; strength (mental and physical) medical (any medical issues which might affect rowing)
(technique; consistency of stroke, power through water, blade technique, responsiveness to cox, gig preparation, rowing position) aptitude to learn, sea experience, ability, timing, balance in crew

Including a positive attitude in the boat & during training, training (competitive attitude; flexible approach; commitment; time keeping; attitude to others on water; willingness to contribute and accept constructive criticism) Communications (replies to emails; team spirit; attitude within crew) maintenance, availability; other club duties, commitment to season and training schedule.

We ask you to complete the training for, and execute, an observed timed 2km erg. This result forms 25% of our whole assessment along with the other criteria above. Please arrange to carry out your observed erg test at All Aboard in one of the scheduled sessions. We will take your weight at the same time and use that to calibrate your final erg time. This information will be recorded by the selector observer and feed into the selection process You don’t need to do the preparatory training at All Aboard, if you don’t want to, just the 2km test. The training regime for the 2KM accompanies this email.


We are always hopeful that we will get a 3rd boat for Scillies for Ladies C but are not so hopeful for Mens C. There will be a list of events including club events and others sent in a separate email which are open to C crews to attend



1. Put the selection dates for the Scillies racing crews in your diary when they are published: You do not need to attend on both days: there are two days to allow flexibility. If you are away on your scheduled date, let the rowing captain know and we can make other arrangements.
2. If you want to be considered for a racing crew please complete the attached form with your preference for the following :
1. seniors only [seniors means A, B or C crews] 2. vets only
3. seniors AND vets
4. 1st race after Scilly only (because you can’t make the Scilly weekend, or don’t want to go)
5. preferably Scillies, but if you not selected, the first race after Scilly
6. if you were only selected for Scillies vets, would that be OK?

Along with the additional details regarding availability and commitment
To by 16 October 2016

We do not want to know your preferred boat positions or seats. If you have a genuine reason for rowing on a specific side, i.e. an injury, please include this in your email. The reason for not specifying a side or a seat is to allow the selectors the opportunity to match and allocate positions according to skill, weight and style rather than an individual’s preferred position and side and, with the extra time before Scilly, rowers can master any side or position in plenty of time.

3. If you are going to be away for more than 4 consecutive days before a Tribute/Race or the world champs, please add this information to the attached form tell so the selectors can realistically judge your ability to keep up in that crew.

4. Execute an observed, timed 2km erg exercise and let the rowing captain have the results on

The rowing captain will publish the list of those signed up for Scilly on and ask you to check if you are on the list. After this, if the rowing captain does not hear from you, they will assume that you do NOT want to be considered for selection in 2017.
The first boat-based selection in November 2016 will select all crews for Scillies and for the first regatta post-Scillies for those not wanting to go for Scillies selection. All the selectors will select both genders including vets and super vet crews. Information and thoughts will also be gathered from coxes, coordinators and the crews themselves. (Where a selector is up for contention in a particular boat, they will step out of the room while their case is discussed).

Crews are selected on the basis of the best combination of rowers (matching body weight and height); boat balance and trim. It may not necessarily be based on an individual’s ability.

If rowers fall below par for whatever reason, they may be approached by their co-ordinator and selectors and may be given time to improve, after which another rower can be given the opportunity to try-out in their position.


After the Scillies, Caradon Mixed, Vets and Super Vets crews will be chosen during a 1 day selection. This will be based on the same procedures as standard selections, and the Vets competition is open to everyone over the age of 40 or 50. The Mixed competition is open to all ages. These selected crews will then train together until the Caradon weekend. All other rowers will take part in open rowing during this period.

After the first post-Scilly race, crews will be picked on a regatta-by-regatta basis by selectors.

Rowers who have had substantial time away from rowing, whether it be through time off or injury, must work their way back into the club before they can be considered for A or B crews. If a rower wishes to return they will be expected to inform the Rowing Captain and Selectors that they wish to race in competitive crews again.


To try and get ahead of the game, starting training early is a good idea, especially if you have other family or work commitments. We have put together a Help & Advice document, which attempts to address the points above and should help to get you started. If you have any questions about fitness or technique then ask your coxes or selectors and they will point you in the right direction. There are many other experienced rowers in the club who are happy to help.

Best of luck with your training, whatever you’re aiming for, and enjoy the rowing.

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