Selection process 2017/18

Selectors and the selection process 2017/18

1. There will be a group of seven selectors comprised of three women and three men plus a lead selector. Our selectors work as a team undertaking a crucial and demanding task for the club. They will make decisions as a panel of selectors, no decision made is a decision of one individual. This is a fair and consistent approach and every decision is discussed thoroughly. If there is a conflict of interest in terms of discussion around a seat that a selector is also being considered for, the selector concerned will have no input into this decision.

2. If a vacancy arises for a selector the captain will put out a message in The Catch asking for interested rowers to put their names forward. The information will include their ability to recognise the technique required by a rower and power at different levels of crew (A, B, C,D), their level of experience in terms of competition and sea rowing in varied conditions as well as their knowledge and understanding of the
stroke. The Captain and Selectors will review the information provided to ensure that the selection committee is balanced in terms of gender (to maintain three women and three men) experience, knowledge of rowers at different levels.

3. There will be no complaints made to the selectors any complaints must be made directly to the club captain.

4. If a complaint (or any other type of inappropriate communication) is made to a selector regarding the selection process, this message will be forwarded to the Captain and its content will be reviewed under the terms of club disciplinary process if necessary and may result in a rower being deselected.– (conversation/text/Whatsapp/facebook, phone calls are all examples of communication) The club
will not tolerate disrespectful behaviour from any rower.

5. The selectors will not respond to direct questioning. The process that must be followed is in point 6 below.

6. Comments and complaints have to go to the Captain via the email address, who will, in turn, speak to the selectors if needed. This includes comments about your own selection, that of another rower (including someone you are in a relationship with).

7. The decision making process in relation to who is selected for which crew and boat position will be based on the selection criteria which will be available for all rowers.

8. The lead selector or a representative from the selection team will attend the rowing committee meetings to be part of any decision making process around selections for Scillies, Newquay, North Coast League and any other regattas and regattas in between.

9. Selectors will have at least monthly contact in the form of face to face or virtual meetings with the Captain.

Selection Protocol
1. Selectors put out the strongest crews to every race regatta.
2. Selectors will pick crews for each race regatta before it is published
3. No group of six rowers will pick when they will row as a crew and when they will not
4. The club will be represented in every race at every event we attend even if this means people row twice- this will boost confidence in the sea.
5. If someone who has been selected withdraws the selectors will select the next strongest rower. They will be moved into the crew above- usually a like for like swap. Eg: 6 for 6
6. Selection weekends will be established for key events (Scillies/Newquay), crews published, feedback session arranged, any queries relating to decisions must be made to the Captain

Selection Plan Scillies and thereafter
1. Email Andrea on the by the 1st of December to register interest. We are not asking for a definite YES or No but to merely gauge numbers in the event that extra boats need to be secured. If this is the case the club will be responsible for trying to source additional boats BUT ADDITIONAL BOATS ARE NOT GUARANTEED
2. Rowers to confirm the maximum and minimum level of crew they wish to be selected for and which side they prefer ( eg A crew max B crew min and stroke side, C crew max D crew min and bow side, D crew max and both sides etc)
3. The aim of insisting that rowers give a maximum and minimum level of crew they wish to be considered for is to stop rowers dropping out for reasons other than unforeseen circumstances having initially gone for selection. Any rower who does this will not be permitted to go for the next selection in the season.
4. Selection will have two parts. Both will take place in the New Year.
5. First selection will be the end of January for those who are then committed to attending Scilly
6. The second selection will be after Three Rivers race (usually March) Changes if needed will happen at this point.
7. All rowers who wish to be considered MUST have completed all aspects of the selection criteria before crews are announced.
8. Everyone will be given the erg training plan from November to complete as they wish.
9. You will be able to do the 500/100 test on your own to gather the data for predicted 2k
10. Tests will include a 5km erg January and a 3.5km erg in March and this is to determine fitness outside the boat then technique and competency will be reviewed in the boat selection.
11. Training should be steady through Christmas. We suggest 3 erg sessions and 2 weights/circuits. This is to avoid Burn out.
12. You must be committed to training a minimum of three times a week post selection (on water and in the gym) and be honest about your holiday commitments and if necessary commit to training whilst away.

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