Erg 2/5km Training Regime

Your ERG 2 km and 5 km Training Regime

In 2016, as part of the selection process, we’re asking that you do the training for and then execute a timed 2 km on a Concept 2 rowing machine,  observed by any of the selectors and your time and weight will be calibrated to reach your final erg time.

Please sign up for the All Aboard observed erg sessions as soon as you have done the training (which doesn’t have to be at All Aboard).

How it works

To compare times with other people, you should try and use a drag factor of 130, a resistance setting 5 on the flywheel, however this varies per machine depending on how much use it gets, so you’ll probably need to check the drag factor as this could well end up being 7 or 8.

To make the most of doing a timed 2km or 5km you should be doing a 30 minute session once a week on the erg, in which you pull as hard as you can at stroke rate 20. The aim is to keep the split as even for the whole 30 minutes as possible and due to the slow rate it allows you to really focus on your technique.

Here’s the info on how to prep for a 2km – one session a week, do it if possible the same time each week. You should only be doing a timed 2km once every few months as it’s pretty harsh on your body.

Week 1

Do 3 x 1km with a 1 minute rest in between each one

(If you’ve got a previous 2km time then aim to be pulling your average split that you got for this or maybe just under for the first two 1kms and then for the third pick it up as much as you can.)

Week 2

Do 6 x 500m with a 30 second rest in between each one

(Aim for just under your previous 2km average split or if you haven’t got one then aim for knocking down what you pulled on the “3 x 1km” session in the previous week. For the final 500m pull as hard as you can!)

Week 3

Do the 2km!

You want to aim for a rate of 32/34 for all of these sessions as the point is to let your body know what’s coming when you actually do the 2km, as otherwise it’s a shock to the system and you probably won’t be happy with your time.

Here’s the 5km prep:

Do 5 x 1km with a 1 minute rest in between each one. This should be around stroke rate 24 – 26 and you should be aiming for a split that is 4 seconds lower than your average split you get on the 30 minute sessions. Keep it consistent the whole time.

You can do this for 2 weeks running and then do the 5km on the third week – if possible it’s good to do the prep sessions on the same day of the week and a similar time of day that you’ll be doing the actual 5km, just like the 2km.

When you do the 5km, still aim for the split that you’ve been pulling on the previous two prep sessions but try taking the rate up to 28 if you can.

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