Our Boats

Massive Attack

Our newest boat joined our fleet in 2020. The name came from club members as a namesake to the 90s Bristol-based trip hop band


After securing a Sports England grant we were able to purchase a new wooden racing gig. Launched in Bristol on 23rd March 2019. Built by Andrew Nancarrow. The club held a poll to come up with the name. Here’s the reasoning behind ‘Concorde’:

Concord , the ship.
Concord was a 44 gun frigate built in Bristol in 1710. She was captured by the French a year later  and renamed ‘La Concorde de Nantes’. Bristol born Edward Teach , better known as the pirate Blackbeard, recaptured her in 1717 in the West Indies and renamed her ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’. As his flagship she captured many prizes and during this time Concord was a byword for Bristol. Here the obvious ties between Bristol boat building, pirates and Cornish Gigs

Concorde, the plane.
Bristol engineers conceived and developed the ambitious and innovative ‘Type 98’ which became the plane Concorde, its speed famously unsurpassed.

Wapping Wharf

Our plastic boat Wapping Wharf was gifted to us by the harbourside development of the same name. It is our main training boat and is often seen going up and down the harbour with a number of different crews. This is the boat we take to any regattas where

Bristol Blue

We share Bristol Blue with All Aboard Watersports, and it is moored near The Cottage.


Launched on the 27th January, 2007, Isambard was our first gig, built by RB boatbuilders, who are based Bristol harbour’s Underfall yard. She was named after the famous Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the engineer who designed, among other things, the Clifton Suspension bridge and the SS Great Britain.

Young Bristol

Young Bristol was launched in August 2007, she was built by the Slipway Cooperative. The gig was built in conjunction with the charity “Young Bristol”, with the aim of introducing gig rowing to disadvantaged youngsters in Bristol.



Brigstowe is our plastic training boat. As she can’t be used for competing she is the workhorse of the fleet, often seen out on the harbour.

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