Salcombe Regatta 4th June

Salcombe regatta started with a social in town as representatives from each crew got together on Saturday night for fish, chips and a shandy. Sunday morning looked promising as the campers packed away and headed to town for sustenance. As Nick and Will neared with YB, so did the rain and being the hardy rowers we are, 12 of us squeezed in to Glenn’s van to shelter.

Men’s D in the B race went first and under the grey sky Bristol was cheered to hear that by the first turn YB was ahead and the lead was growing. Another roaring performance from men’s D who crossed the line a good 30 lengths ahead of the next boat.

The women’s B race was an exciting one for the club-it was the first time off the harbour for Diana and Teresa, second for Jen and Lesley and the first time race coxing for Ben. The crew put in a good performance and finished in 10th with a convincing lead on the boats behind them.

By the time C races came about the sun had come out and suncream had been applied. The Men’s C race was the first time rowing off the harbour for Andy and James Hector and saw a collaboration with Clevedon to field a strong crew who came in 1st by a couple of boat lengths.

Men’s B in the A race put in a strong performance and were with the pack the whole way, ending up 6th.

Women’s C in the A race had their work cut out against crews such as Caradon (those shoulders!) but left Avona standing and finished 7th, only a couple of lengths behind Clevedon A.

The last race for Bristol was men’s vets, the second off-harbour race for John, James and Andy and the 3rd race of the day for Matt Casey from Edinburgh Vet School. The crew were pipped at the finish by a couple of boats.

Conditions were good but it was a tough slog for all crews against the tide and wind to the first mark with a nice bit of chop to the second turn. A great day was had by all with some exciting races and inter-crew socialising. Thank you to Nick for towing, Will, Ben and Séamus for coxing and well done to Andy, Diana, James and Teresa racing for the first time! Special thanks to Sarah Gosling who picked up co-ordinating despite not attending.

Men’s B – 1/12 @ 17m06 James Hellman, Matt, Paul V, Peter, Nick WJ, Ben B. Cox – Séamus

Women’s B – 9/15 Heidi, Caroline, Diana, Teresa, Lesley, Jen. Cox – Ben.

Men’s C – 1/7 @ 18m13 James Hector, Andy Mac, James Hellman, Matt + 2 Clevedon. Cox – Will

Men’s A – 6/11 Ben, Séamus, Glenn, Nick, Will, Gaz. Cox – Duncan (from Salcombe)

Women’s A – 7/10 Sarah Rowlands, Heidi, Sarah Venn, Claire, Kimberly, Lydia. Cox – Will

Men’s vets – 8/13 John Vasey, Andy Mac, James Hector, Paul Ville, Matt, Peter. Cox – Nick WJ

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