Club Committee


The Chair is the club representative for all matters that are not the responsibility of the Treasurer, Secretary or the Rowing Captain. The aim has been to separate on and off water responsibilities with the former being the Rowing Captain’s territory.
The Chair is responsible for club strategy in terms of expansion, financial matters including sponsorship and facilities such as premises and equipment.
An important part of the job is also public relations both internal and external to the club. The club has different aspects which have varying priorities. A key task for the Chair is to try and balance these and allow the club to move forward for the benefit of all.
The Chair ultimately is responsible for the safety of club members. That is why we carry officer insurance for the key members of the club committee in the unlikely event that someone is killed or injured on their watch.

Duties include:

Chair the AGM
Chair the Club committee meetings
Ensure good communications with club members by sending out the weekly newsletter
Sit in as necessary on the Rowing Committee meetings and selection meetings (this has only happened once since the club formed)
Liaise with and build relationships with officials from other clubs
Liaise with Harbour Master and other harbour user groups
Represent the club at Umpire’s meetings etc where complaints have been lodged against or by the club in relation to race rule infringement
Check and double check that the relevant insurance policies are in place and ensure that the insurance broker is informed immediately of any potential claim or change in circumstances which might invalidate our cover.

Rowing Captain:

The RC is the central point of contact within the club coordinating and making decisions on club activities on a day to day basis.
Supported by crew coordinators, bosun ,and health & safety officer , the RC ensures that all crews are able to train and compete efficiently and productively.
It is very rewarding to be directly involved in the daily running and future of the club.
You might expect to receive a reasonably regular stream of communications from club members with queries. These can generally be responded to easily with an understanding of how the club operates and/or help of other committee members.

Duties include:

Chair and co-ordinate the Rowing Committee and produce the minutes for said committee (crew coordinators of senior crews, representatives from open rowers, new rowers and youth plus the bosun).
The rowing committee will agree the regatta attendance during the year ( including special events ) as well as the calendar slots for all crews)

Manage the day-day running of the Gig Club (boat and equipment access in liaison with the bosun)
Oversee the club calendar
Arrange and ensure fair racing crew selections in liaison with the selectors
Communicate important information to the club via the newsletter
Make decisions on race/event attendance with agreement with the rowing committee
Liaise with the bosun regarding boats and equipment on a regular basis
Liaise with the secretary, in a timely manner, regarding events to be targeted by the club.


The Secretary is the contact person and information hub for the club in relation to the Cornish Pilot Gig Association and all the other gig clubs for competition and events purposes. The Secretary is a member of the Club’s management committee, helping devise strategy and enable implementation of that strategy.

Duties include:

Respond to Cornish Pilot Gig Association information and distribute it in a timely way to the appropriate people in the club
Ensure event entry deadlines are met and fees paid
Call Club management meetings, issue agenda and ensure minutes are compiled in timely way
Call the Annual General Meeting, issue agenda and run nominations system for Club officers
Ensure smooth running of the Club management infrastructure.

Be responsible for oversight of updating and publishing the Member’s Handbook and publicising it to all club members on an annual basis


The Treasurer manages the club finances, ensuring financial probity consistent with the club’s CASC status. The Treasurer ensures the Committee is aware of and able to oversee the finances of the club.

Duties include:

Being one of two signatories on the club bank account (currently NatWest)
To sit on the Club Committee with Chair and Club Secretary (and others) to form current/future club policies and procedures for dissemination to Club captains and wider membership
Arranging annual insurance cover for boats, equipment and club’s public liability insurance
Maintaining physical copies of signed membership forms as supporting documentation for insurance
Maintaining a schedule of club equipment as supporting documentation for insurance purposes Recording all income ie membership fees /fundraising receipts and physically bank them (periodically – busy period during February/March)
Checking bank statements and monitor BACs payments from members or other sources (monthly bank reconciliation)
Recording and monitor all payments for goods and services and members expenses and petty cash
Providing an annual statement of income and expenditure
Sending letters and cheque payments and complete forms as necessary to external bodies or suppliers and maintain a file of correspondence


The Bosun’s main duty is for the club’s equipment – primarily the boats which have been gifted to the club by the owners of the 64ths and the major donors. The role includes repair and maintenance of all equipment, and in conjunction with the committee for more expensive items, replacement where necessary.
That person need not be an expert in every area but needs to put in place the right measures to achieve this through delegation, etc. They must be able to work closely with the other committee members, and rowing crews.

Duties include:

Take stock of all BGC operational equipment – boats, oars, trailers, radios, maintenance equipment, etc. and organise its storage and make sure it is in working order.
Provide or seek advice on the maintenance and purchase of equipment and consumables (pins, tallow, etc.)
Seek quotes for same and give to Treasurer and relevant committee members for review and comment and ideally record what was purchased and where.
Organise maintenance within BCG membership or elsewhere as needed, including planning for the season.
Assist the committee in preparing for events, training, etc.
Work with H&S Officer and relevant committee members to make sure safety standards for kit are maintained.
Work with H&S Officer to ensure that risk assessments and safe systems of work are in place when involving BGC members in maintenance work (turning boats for washing for example)
Work with the committee to ensure that membership has a reasonable grasp of essential seamanship and how to look after equipment properly (how to moor boats properly, learn the correct knots, relevant boat-handling and storage with coxswains)

Welfare Secretary:

It is a requirement of the Cornish Pilot gig association that any club that has junior members has a Welfare Officer. This post-holder is responsible for ensuring that club policies, processes and approach to its young people meet high standards to ensure their safeguarding and wellbeing. The post is accountable to the committee, but also to the CPGA Lead Safeguarding Officer.

It is also the point of advice on child safeguarding matters, and for co-ordinating action within the club upon receipt of any concerns or referrals.  This role extends to concerns regarding vulnerable adults, or any serious welfare issues within the club, regarding any member.

The role is key in setting expectations about promoting youth rowing, both in the docks and competitively in some of the regattas the club attends; ensuring young people are supported to develop their technique, strength and team-working skills; and that this operates in a safe and fun way.

Duties include:

Provide information, advice and training on child protection

Have a current DBS check renewed every three years, and ensure all youth coxes are properly vetted.

Oversee the recruitment and appointment of volunteers or paid workers who work with children and young people in the club

In the event of suspicion or an allegation of abuse, know when to seek advice from CPGA and when it is necessary to inform statutory Children’s Services

Membership Secretary:

The primary responsibility of the membership secretary is to receive and manage the personal details and BGC membership fees from all members on an annual basis.

Duties include:
Calling for and receiving annual membership fees (as well as pro-rata starter fees for new rowers at different entry points in the year)
After an agreed period, communicating non-payment to the Rowing Captain for follow up to ensure that only paid (and therefore insured) members continue to row with the club
Keeping personal contact and medical information about each club member in a secure format, in keeping with Data Protection legislation
Communicating with the BCG Committee with updates on club membership in general.

Health and Safety Officer:

The primary responsibility for this role is to ensure that mechanisms are in place to allow and encourage safe operations within the club.

Duties include:

Ensure Risk Assessments (RAs) for all BGC activities are kept up to date and reviewed on a regular basis (annually). Write new RAs as necessary for activities not yet covered.
Ensure the outcomes of the Risk Assessments are embodied in the Members Handbook. The Members Handbook is the manual of safe operation, and the conduit to the members of good safety practice. This too needs to be reviewed (along with other BGC officers) periodically.
Attend Rowing Committee and BGC Management Committee meetings
Liaise with CPGA Safety Officer (Mike Waters) on safety matters – he is the point of contact for any queries the Officer may have (checking RAs, others) and will send any safety updates. The post holder should contact him as soon as he/she is appointed.
Review other aspects of club activity – e.g. safety in storage areas.
Stewardship of the Accident Book and report on incidents.

Social Secretary:

The social secretary works to organise fun events that bring all elements of the club together. These include daytime and evening socials, outdoor pursuits (other than rowing!!), Beeses Tea Garden trips and the like. Larger events that are also organised by the social secretary include: landside activities at Bristol Regatta, the club stall at Bristol Harbourfest, and End of Season dinners and fundraising events.

Communications Officer:

The Communications Officer role is to raise the profile of the club generally, and ensure the club’s key events and activities receive good media coverage.

Duties include:

Arrange for news and press coverage of club events both to advertise them in advance and get news coverage.

Oversea the clubs social media accounts ensuring platforms are continually updated.

Engage with local businesses to expose the club to potential sponsorship opportunities. Be aware of the club’s existing sponsorship deals and particularly ensure Wapping Wharf is well publicised.

Deal with inquiries from social media platforms and sign post them to the relevant contact

Create posters for the club’s events.

Fundraising Officer:

The primary responsibility of the Fundraising Officer is to explore and action new opportunities for the Club to raise funds. This can be through leading on the writing of large and small grant applications, or devising and launching innovative events and activities to raise funds throughout the year.

The Fundraising Officer will work in close communication with the Treasurer.

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