Mevagissey Regatta 24th June 2017

Perfect conditions in Mevagissey on the Saturday, the sea was about as flat as it can be, with minimal wind and tide. The course was 3km/1.6 nautical miles and had three buoys in an elongated kite shape.

Crews and results below:

Women’s B race: Sarah Rowlands, Andrea Jeffery, Sarah Venn,  Sarah Gosling, Jen Cox,  Lydia Henderson, Cox: Seamus, Result 6th /15

Men’s B Race: Dan Bohin, Alex King, Seamus, Guy Osborne, Peter Golding, James Hector, Cox: Sarah G, Result 9th /18

Novice race: Sarah Gosling, Lucy Hartfield, Jen Cox, Jo Carr, Arni, Charlie Goudge, Cox: Seamus, Result 5th /9

Women’s A race: Sarah Rowlands, Sarah Gosling, Sarah Venn, Jen Cox, Charlie Goudge, Lydia, Cox: Seamus, Result 12th /18

Men’s A race Dan, Alex K, Seamus, Rich, Guy, Will Best, Cox – Sarah Gosling Result 11th /18

Men’s Vets Alex, Peter, Rich, Arni,  James H, Dan) Cox: Will, Result 8th /9

Mixed  – unfortunately we didn’t quite make it to the start line in time!


Well done to Charlie Goudge and Jo Carr for making their regatta debuts.

Unfortunately, this was the most disappointing regatta to date for James Hector as his 100% success rate for winning has now diminished to only 66% and has no trophy to take home. Sad times.





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