Clovelly Regatta 8th July 2017

Delayed start to the day as the support boat broke down twice before races had even began. Helpfully towed back to land each time by the local gig. This left plenty of time to indulge in the locally made stout cake which I believe BGC managed to consume the entire supply.

Support boat fixed and first race was away. No BGC in the Women’s vets. Our first crew out was the
Mens Vets
– Cox PG, 6 Dan Bohim, 5 Rich I, 4 Guy Osborne, 3 Rich Sperrin, 2 Tim Borthwick, 1 Andrew Macpherson. A bunch up on the first mark left the crew to scrap it out in the main pack of boats the rest of the way and finishing midgroup in 7th of 14.

Womens B
– A great start to race, coming up to the mark tight in 2nd.  Appledore failed to give water and was forced into an oar clash with Bristol, leaving Swanage a clear run for 1st place. The crew didn’t let up and quickly saw Appledore off and hunted down the Swanage boat. They minimalised the gap but finished 2nd of 14.
Cox Benjamin Boudier, 6 Heidi Sermullins, 5 Sarah Gosling, 4 Caroline Liddell, 3 Sara Bird, 2 Lesley Trussler, 1 Emily Highfied.

Mens B
– The Scillies mens C crew +friends pushed for the first mark and were 2nd to Boscatle. Again some poor coxing from Appledore they veered into the lead boat and clashing ensued at the mark. Bristol slipped through the gap on the inside and kept the other crews at bay for the rest of the race to secure 1st place and the clubs 9th trophy this year!
Cox Sarah Gosling 6 Nick Williams-Jones, 5 PG, 4 Guy Osborne, 3 Dan Bohim, 2 Benjamin Boudier, 1 Rob Armstrong


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