Lyme Regis Regatta 12th August 2017

A lovely day in Lyme saw us gather on the Cobb for what would prove to be a successful regatta for Bristol, finishing 4th overall out of 17 attending clubs. Conditions were fine with a gentle swell and not too breezy and with plenty of mackerel and cake on offer to sustain us we were set for a good day.

The Vets got us off to a great start with the women holding their line well to finish in the middle of a packed field and the men getting so carried away in their 10th place finish that they broke an oar in what was only the second race of the day! Women’s A rowed a superb race to beat Weymouth (who were having a very successful meet) in to second place. Women’s B rowed strongly to finish in the top half of a strung-out field. In the Women’s C Bristol had two crews racing thanks to Clifton kindly lending us Avona. In a keenly contested race Isambard finished 3rd winning their tussle with Weymouth and Avona came in 6th after edging out Clevedon in their own battle. After a rather tasty start featuring clashing oars and a bit of banter Men’s B, rowing in the A, powered to a great 4th place. Men’s D continued their sizzling Summer form, finishing 4th in the B race. Lydia’s heart rate was still raised following her triumph with the A crew as she roared the Men’s C to a highly respectable 7th, squeezing out Lyme Regis on the line.

The regatta was called to a close without running the last two races due to time constraints but with the sun now beating down steadily everyone was happy to adjourn to the Cobb Arms for a refreshing pint. Thanks to Rich for towing Isambard once again and to Clifton for trusting us with the beautiful Avona (great restraint shown by the Women’s C to resist the champagne they found in her!).


Women’s A. 1st/ 13: Sarah M, Jo M, Nicki, Nic, Caroline, Lydia. Cox: Shaun


Women’s B. 5th/16:  Sarah R, Andrea J, Kate, Claire, Becky B, Teresa. Cox: Tig.


Women’s C: 3rd / 14:  Isambard. Jean, Jacqui, Lucy, Fi, Jo C, Lesley. Cox: Duncan


Women’s C: 6th/ 14:  Avona. Sue, Diana, Elaine, Carolyn, Andrea W, Jen. Cox: Nic.


Women’s Vets. 9th/ 17:  Allason, Lesley, Jean, Becky, Claire, Fi. Cox: Tig.


Men’s A.: 4th/ 13: Tig, Duncan, Dan, Rich, Toby, Seamus. Cox: Nic


Men’s B. 4th/ 15:  James Hellman, Peter, Andy M, Mat, PV, Chris H. Cox: Mike.


Men’s C. 7th/ 15: James Hector, Arni, Ben, Tim, Rich S, Jay. Cox: Lydia.


Men’s Vets 10th/16. Tig, Rich, Dan, Jon B, Rich S, Andy T.


Mixed Super Vets and Mixed cancelled.


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