World Championships, Isles of Scilly 2018

4th-6th May 2018

Blue skies and flat sea – pretty much the best conditions for the World Championships for quite a while!

The first race, from St Agnes, is the longest and the most spectacular – 150 boats in a line, all battling it out to make it back to the harbour. There are oar clashes and crashes aplenty at the start and finish lines. The course is approximately 2 nautical miles long.

Then comes the Nut Rock races, 1.4 nautical miles to the finish line at the harbour. Crews are put into heats of 12 boats and have the chance to move up or down over the next races. The first two go up to the next heat, and the last two move down to the next heat. Bristol crews all did well with none moving down, either maintaining their heat, or moving up.

The first races on Sunday morning were cancelled due to fog. So it was all to play for in the final race on the Sunday afternoon. Full results and crew pictures below:


Women’s A Isambard Crew – 19th
Cox:Tony Halliday, 6 Bry Halliday, 5 Lucy Rawe, 4 Nicki Britton, 3 Hayla Blacknell, 2 Caroline Liddell, 1 Kate Lewis


Men’s A: Messack Crew – 7th
Cox:Sarah Murray, 6 Will Best, 5 Gaz Egerton, 4 Shaun Austin, 3 Tony Westhead, 2 Ben Boudier, 1 Alex Copsley


Women’s B Young Bristol Crew – 65th
Cox: Tig, 6 Jen Cox, 5 Andrea Jeffrey 4 Sarah Venn, 3 Emily Highfield, 2 Anna Traylor, 1 Lydia Henderson


Men’s B: Young Bristol Crew – 25th winner of C HEAT
Cox:Jo Murray, 6 Andy ‘Tig’ Marshall, 5 Rob Armstrong, 4 Mike Pennock, 3 Dan Bohin, 2 James Hellman, 1 Matt Casey


Women’s C Rhos Crew – 70th
Cox:Tony Westhead, 6 Lesley Trussler, 5 Hannah Sibley, 4 Lucy Heartfield, 3 Claire Teasdale, 2 Vicky Linter, 1 Jacqui Oakley


Men’s C: Isambard Crew – 63rd
Cox: Lydia Henderson, 6 Chris Hartnett, 5 Toby Hammond, 4 Andrew McPherson, 3 Dave Bryant, 2 Orlando, 1 Peter Golding

Men’s D: Ryder Crew – 68th
Cox: Hayla Blacknell, 6 Guy Osborne, 5 James Hector, 4 Matt Randell, 3 Tim Edwards, 2 Paul Ville, 1 Arni Millar


Vets Results Friday 4th May

Mens Supervets Isambard – 19th out of 33
Cox Hayla Blacknell, 6Guy Osborne, 5James Hector, 4Matt Randall, 3Tim Edwards, 2Peter Golding, 1Arni Millar
Mens Vets Young Bristol – 12th out of 41
Cox Jo Murray, 6 Andy ‘Tig’ Marshall, 5 Toby Hammond 4 Dave Bryant 3 Dan Bohin 2 Andy MacPherson 1 Matt Casey
Also Lydia, Jacqui and Lesley subbed in for other women’s vets crews.
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