Newquay Men’s Championships 14th and 15th September

Three men’s crews attended the recent championships in Newquay. There were a total of 84 crews involved in the championships. And what an exciting weekend it was! Lots of DQs and TPs and an epic final.

Here’s how they got on…

C crew

C crew were out in the 4th race. They had some stiff competition, including our own A crew. They came 5th in the race, but their time gave them a respectable result – not last!

Well done to Jay for taking part in his first big competition.

Result: 74th

Arni Miller, Dave Bryant, Peter Golding, Orlando, Jay Panesar, Alex King, with cox Lydia Henderson

B crew

The B crew got out in race 10. They came 3rd in their race, behind Helford A and Cothele Quay A. Unfortunately, 3 boats in that heat had a time penalty, adding 20 seconds to their time. Sadly, that meant their time wasn’t quick enough to get into round 2 of racing, but it did mean they could join the C crew in the bar.

Result: 50th

Jo Murray, Tig, Chris Harnett, Mike Pennock, Dan Bohin, James Hellman, Rich Hall

A Crew

The first two rounds of racing were plain sailing for the A crew. As were the Quarter finals.

For the semi-finals Bristol had a comfortable 1st place, securing their place in the final. They also got the fastest time in the 2 races.

Then came the final – and what a race it was!

First off all crews were level-pegging and then Bristol got ahead and had a great start. By the first mark they had dropped back to third position, then into fourth place as Caradon took them just after the first mark. Then during the next leg Coverack had then overtaken Bristol putting them in fifth place.

The beginning of the second leg changed the race, Looe was in first place and then they missed the mark, forcing them to circle round and go back. This then got Bristol back up to 4th place which they maintained for the rest of the race.

A great weekend for the guys as they won all of their heats and then came 4th in final overall.

Result: 4th


Back row: Matt Casey, Ben Boudier, Tony Westhead, James Stephens aka Worzel, Gary Egerton, Will Best

Front row: Duncan Murdoch and Sarah Murray


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