Newquay Women’s Championships 2019

During the weekend of 7th-8th September, four Bristol crews racing in the Newquay Women’s County Championships. With 120 crews racing in the event, it is certainly the largest regatta after the World Champs in Scilly. 
The weather on Saturday was not ideal with strong winds causing some difficult water, our crews went out facing some big waves and wind that seemed to come from every direction. A change of format this year meant that the champs had a slightly altered course with 3 marks to turn around, as well as a change to the rules meaning the top 3 boats automatically go through. The weather delayed things on Saturday so there was only 1 race for everyone, and a possible 4 races all to come on Sunday. 
We had many first time Newquay rowers in our crews, as well as first time race coxes, all of whom raced amazingly well considering the weather and water! The huge waves were hardest for the bow rowers who took the brunt of the water, safe to say everyone got pretty soggy on Saturday. 
Sunday however was a different story, a drop in the wind meant calm water and sunshine which was welcomed by everyone!
Particular mention should go to our Women’s B crew who had an amazing weekend and is our highest positioned B crew ever at Newquay! I must also mention all of the new rowers who had never raced at Newquay, or any major championship before – you did us all proud. Some of those newbies are recent Row-Pro graduates and got stuck in to training and racing, it was great to see, well done to you guys. Also I want to mention Molly and Sophie previous youth rowers who stroked the Women’s C crew and did an amazing job. 
Well done to everyone and good luck to the Men who head off for Newquay this weekend. 

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