Scillies 2015

The club has now returned from the isles of Scilly and the world championships. They were as fantastic as ever but with some almighty wind and waves which even the top crews admitted were testing! The weather was demanding enough to cancel flights and the ferry crossings. Hopefully everyone is now back. If you’re not back and reading this, please let us know!

A huge thank you to Ian the Bosun for all his hard work and for all those that took part in sanding and generally helping to sort the boats in time for the Scillies champs. Thanks also to Worzel and Tim Edwards for towing the boats to Penzance.

Congratulations and well done to all taking part and also to those coxed and to some who not only rowed but coxed as well. It’s tough to do all the races twice.



Ladies A 48/143

Mens A 40/137

Ladies B 103/143

Mens B 63/137

Mens C 118/137

Ladies Vets 49/61

Mens Vets A 15/48

Mens Vets B 37/48

Ladies A. Determined rowing from the crew and a great result. A hard fought result competing against well trained crews. There is a tradition in the A crews which means that the highest placed crew has their drinks bought for them.

Ladies B. Tears and drama and a seldom caught pair of crabs which caught the cox and the crew were overtaken. Ladies B found the rowing tough and exhilarating and very proud to be taking part. Some tough rowing by the crew despite the result.

Mens A. ‘An epic weekend of rowing, and a decent performance in rough seas. Lots of hard work by the crew!’

Mens B. ‘Adventurous rowing and great to be part of such an amazing festival of rowing. Loads of new friends made.’

Mens Vets A. A tough race and a result to beat from last year. The highest placed Bristol crew at 15th but fighting ever increasing competitive vets crews.

Mens Vets B/Mens C. Great to be out and rowing in challenging conditions. This crew only formed late in the day but were determined to give it a go. They made plenty of friends on and off the water for their exploits.

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