Towing and loading the gig

Thanks to Tim Edwards for this information. Tim looks after all our trailer issues and he constantly checks them so that they are in top condition at all times. you will also notice that there are a few modifications being made to the trailers to help us while we don’t have readily available storage.

Please, read the following, it is important that you do!


TOWING – This is mainly aimed at those involved with towing but also all members who A/. Would like to tow and B/. Any members loading or unloading boats at events.

Firstly we really need towers and are very grateful to the individuals willing to give it a go. If you want to tow but are somewhat apprehensive, please contact Tim or Matt who can arrange a practise session with one of the experienced towers. It is not difficult, just needs a little practise and the attached articles and tips should help guide everyone as to the laws and vehicles required.

Page two gives a really useful “at a glance” example of what is and is not legal regarding suitable cars and overall combined weights. As a club we need to fully load a gig with trailer and take it to a weigh station and establish the “typical” weight our setup would be. This will be arranged so we can be more specific, in the meantime I would work on the assumption that we have the heaviest gigs, trailers and kit. So 1250 kgs.

On page 1 of the attached article there is a summary stating that it is a common misconception that if you passed your test after 1997 you can’t tow a large trailer.  So depending on the car you have and the actual weight of the gig and trailer you may be able to even if you are a younger member.

Just remember it is your responsibility to check the laws and weights to determine if you can tow. You also need to be insured. We will however give as much guidance as we can.

Current towers

We have put together a check list to help ensure the safety of towers, the kit and anyone loading or unloading the gigs.

The attached “Towing tips” article is really useful and should be read in conjunction with the check list. This checklist will be placed in the tow boxes. It is essential you do not tow the trailer if you have any doubt as to its mechanical or legal condition. The club cannot take responsibility for this as it is solely down to the individual and it is he/she who will be breaking the law. The trailers are serviced annually but damage and wear does occur in between these and we would ask that anything, no matter how small or seemingly trivial is reported to the committee.

Everyone – Loading and unloading Gigs from trailers

Please be guided by the more experienced club members and particularly the person towing the Gig, it is this individual who is ultimately responsible for how the gig is loaded/unloaded. If you do pull out the electric light socket please do so by the unit itself and not the lead. If you touch the handbrake or want to operate it please inform the driver. If you loosen a strap or tinker with any part of the trailer/kit prior to its departure please inform the driver.

A common problem we have is damage to the jockey wheel/tyre. This is caused by incorrectly winding down the inner part of the shaft. If in doubt or if the trailer is hard to push when disconnected from vehicle please ask the driver before forcing the issue. These things are expensive.

Finally – Slowly and carefully

Love our gigs and the craftsmanship within them, load slowly, carefully and securely but do not over tighten the straps as this can lead to damage especially on our more tender mature wooden gigs!



Trailer towing article 1


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