Scillies World Championship Report

Scillies weekend started with the mens vets crews racing on Friday night. The Scillionian arrived just in time for the final few crew members and cox to jump in the boats, and out they rowed to the start line just off St Agnes. It was the best rowing conditions of the weekend and 42 boats lined up on the start. There was tough competition with a number of crews making the vets race their main focus of their training. Mens Vets A came 13th coxed by Nic Murdoch and Mens Vets B 22nd coxed by Nick Williams Jones.

The next day dawned a little rougher, still good weather and by the afternoon the women were raring to go. Young Bristol and Isambard were accompanied by Poll Gwargh kindly lent to us by Praa Sands Gig Club and rowed by the C crew. With a huge start line stretching over 1.5 miles, each boat is allocated in to one of 4 starting areas on the line. With a start line this wide, which end you are at can have quite an affect with tides and water conditio,ns.
Unfortunately, the Womens B were stuck out on the sea end along with Caradon and Newquay and it was noticeable that boats from this end had a much harder row, with what look liked a 20 boat length disadvantage to the finish. Womens A finished in the top 12 and in heat A.

Then for the men. This time Double Dutch joined the Bristol fleet rowed by the Mens C. The Mens C crew were going to row Neptunus, but unfortunately the refit didn’t go to plan, so Double Dutch was brought instead. The race saw Mens A fininishing in the A heat and Mens B in the B heat. Both are records for the club.

Now seeded into 12 boat heats, L to A, and the start line moved to Nut rock and a slightly shorter course. The bottom 2 boats in each heat going down and the top 2 boats going up. 3 of these races were rowed, Saturday afternoon, and twice on Sunday. Womens B progressed up the heats for each of their races as did Mens D.

Final results:
Womens A: 9th, Womens B: 38th, Womens C: 79th
Mens A: 11th, Mens B: 31st, Mens C: 67th, Mens D 73rd and winners of group G.

These are the best results ever for BGC and it was great to have so many members in crews. At the club meal on Sunday evening, the crews voted Heidi (Womens B stroke) as the rower of the Championships and Mens D as crew of the Championships. Many thanks to Becks, Jo and Ben for organising the meal. I would also like to thank Alex Copsey our Bosun, for all his hard work in getting the boats and equipment ready. Keep an eye out for a video of the weekend which Becks is working on!


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