Weymouth Regatta Report May 2017

The day began with a murky, foggy start at Weymouth beach. Then the clouds parted and the first test of the day was started – putting up the gazebo!

The Weymouth course has two tight buoyed turns in it. Which produced some interesting aspects to the race to say the least. There were crashes, oar-clashes, obstructions, pushing boats off with hands and feet, an oar over the head and a broken yoke.

Women’s A – 6th
Women’s B – 3rd
Women’s C – 13th
Men’s C – 2nd
Men’s B – 11th
Men’s A – 1st
Women’s vets – 6th
Men’s Vets – 7th
Women’s Super Vets -9th
Men’s Super Vets – 10th
Mixed – 4th

The regatta was attended by nearly 50 rowers, young, old and new to the club – many of whom had their first experience of rowing on the sea.

Rowers who earnt their sea legs: John Vassy, Arni, Jen Cox, Lucy Hartfield, Carolyn, Lesley. And our youth members; Jay, Lauren and Maisie.

Also some firsts for race coxing; Sarah Rowlands coxed the men’s regatta crew in the B race and Lydia the men’s Super Vets.

A great turn out and a great Bristol Gig Club day (and night).


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