Rame Regatta 21st July 2018

Another great weekend in Rame for Bristol Gig Club!

Conditions were great. Nice calm sea, and sunny. Rame runs their regatta by doing two heats for each class. So getting the best time is imperative.

Here’s how we got on:

Women’s A: 3rd

Women’s B: 11th – Well done to Virginia for taking part in her first sea regatta – some good experience before Newquay championships!

Women’s C: 7th

Men’s A: 3rd

Men’s B: 2nd

Men’s C: 6th – another first sea regatta experience for Tom – well done!

Women’s vets: 13th

Men’s Vets: 4th

Men’s Supervets: 8th

Mixed: 2nd

Thanks to Worz for towing Young Bristol down for everyone. Thanks to all the coxes and others subbing into crews last minute.


Full results below:


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